TripleScoop Premium Market Research is 70% Millennial. As this is unusual for a market research firm, we have decided to reach out to others in the field with a weekly blog and YouTube series, focused on Generation Y.

Really what fuels each monthly episode is the plethora of blogs and commentaries on research studies done on Millennials. As we have been diving into this online world, we have seen these wonderfully researched stats get more and more convoluted each time they are used. For example, Mr. Youth and Intrepid did a study on Millennials and advertising. The original report was well-informed and clear about their findings. But the original report never made the front page of a Google search. What did make that front page, however, was a blog that referenced a reference of  a reference of the original report and Mr. Youth was not even mentioned as being a part of the study. Because of misunderstanding of the original material, the front page blog had inaccurately stirred up quite the controversy on how Millennials make decisions. We don’t want this misinterpretation of data to happen again, so the hosts of Millennial Monday do their time in finding first-hand or second-hand sources, often relying on personal experience and the experience of their own peers, while writing each episode.

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We really love filming the show!

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