Confession time: this is not my only job. I know it is shocking that your expert Millennial here at TripleScoop doesn’t exclusively type out blog after blog, while scripting/filming/editing the next fabulous episode of our web series, but it’s true. Most mornings I get up dark and early to go to my job as a pastry chef at a local bakery/restaurant.

As this is my first official job in the restaurant industry, there is so much that I have learned, inlcuding: 1) you must announce that you have a knife in your hand, 2) hair nets are itchy and not fun, and 3) restaurant workers are all my age! I was surprised to notice that nearly everyone–managers, supervisors, head chefs, etc–in my restaurant is a part of either Millennial generation or in high school. And I think that is fantastic. Even the HQ trainers they send in to check on us are young. So, the researcher in me decided to figure out if this is true across the board, or if my coworkers are unique.

It turns out, restaurant workers tend to be younger than Gen X across the industry–with some very empowering stats behind the facts.



(Infographic courtesy of

Millennials are dominating restaurant staff in a very good way, moving quickly through the ranks in their careers. Their success in the restaurant industry could be owed to the Millennial importance of doing. Members of Generation Y want to know that hard work makes an impact–something immediately apparent when their labored-over meal gets set in front of a hungry customer. Restaurants demand hard work and rough hours in a high-speed environment, allowing the ever-productive Millennial the chance to make and accomplish a quick series of goals in a short period of time. It’s a way that we can give (literally) to others while still building our own professional skills.

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Millennials in the Restaurant Business

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