Ahh, Black Friday. The day we as a nation have showed that we are entirely unhappy with the things that we were so grateful for when we were tucking into Thanksgiving dinner just 12 hours earlier. The only day a year some people go camping, and the only day a year some people refuse to even step foot out of the house. From my tiny perspective, our love/hate relationship with the infamous day of retail sales has evolved within my lifetime pretty drastically, from a few good deals at Toys R Us to a knock-down drag-out war over flat screen TVs and minimally discounted odds and ends. Personally, I think that the hassle is not worth handing out wads of cash–even if it’s for something shiny and new.

According to mfour research, most Millennials agree with keeping their budgets low on the blackest of Fridays: only 29% of 18-35 year olds plan on spending more than $300 during Black Friday deals, while 63% of Gen-Xers have at least that planned into their budget. Not many Millennials are into making shopping lists, either–only 40% compared to Generation X’s 57%.

It seems that Millennials are a bit different than proceeding generations in their approach to the retail celebration, but why? Millennials are all about saving money, coming together as a community, and experiencing life for all it’s worth–all found in the death-grip of Black Friday, right?

Unfortunately, there is so much that the day is lacking: sincerity in advertising, a fulfilling sense of community, and a unique experience to be captured and treasured. Small Business Saturday–an upsurge of America’s small retailers in jumping on the sale train during Thanksgiving weekend–seems like a much more worthy venture to Millennials.

As for me, I prefer to stick to finding good deals online, from the comfort of my own home in my pajamas, or on my mobile device while out doing much better things with my time. I don’t have a problem with waiting to find holiday gifts closer to the end of December, so I tend to leave the wishlists until after all the turkey is consumed.

Good luck with your ventures this weekend. Don’t be surprised if you only see a few groups of Millennials battling the crowds of shoppers.

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Millennials on Black Friday

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