Hello, I’m new! I go by Claire. I also buy into the creativity of adventurous souls and I’ll buy a cup of loose leaf tea any day of the week. It will be such a privilege to add some new flavor to the TripleScoop marvel that is… Millennial Mondays!

As a matter of fact, let’s build off this idea of adding flavor… or some may call it variety. The word is certainly applicable to the dynamic and diverse Millennial generation. Variety has always existed in their lives. What’s more is that they are allowing variety to define how they manage their time. Their participation in different activities, ability to adapt easily in new environments, associate themselves with numerous people, technologies, concepts, ideas, etc.

This all supports the notion that these young adults are natural born multitaskers.

Multitasking Millennials. It has a nice ring to it.

There is value in understanding their multitasking behaviors and numerous articles have been written on the advantages and disadvantages this creates for them in their personal and professional lives. In her article, The Multitasking Career Millennials, April Lane talks about how young adults use the skill for more than just juggling hobbies, but also as organizational habits in their academic and work lives. These Multitasking Millennials have been able to blend and manage their time, skills, projects, activities, etc. to create dynamic and diverse lifestyles. Even still, this has been brought to light as one of the generation’s down faults.

But stay with me and let’s take it one step further… perhaps there is a virtue in this.

The life of a multitasking millennial is far from living in black and white. Gray is the norm. And if this is true, it doesn’t seem too abnormal to suggest that their multitasking behaviors have an effect on personality type. Many personality tests like Myers-Briggs have been able to categorize the characteristics that distinguish an extrovert from an introvert. While these categories exist to provide some structure—and give marketers a sense of how to create strategic messages for their products and services— another important grey area exists. The black and white blend of having an extroverted and introverted personality is called ambiversion.


I want to leave you with that thought. Is there a possibility that the ambiverts in our world are dominated by Millennials? Could this be related to their multitasking behaviors and traits? I’m truly curious to hear your thoughts… is there a connection? Perhaps value does exist in the middle of the personality spectrum.

Kindly turn your extroversion up a notch and leave a comment!

Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing my 2 cents on the subject with you next week…


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“Maybe Stories are Just Data With a Soul” – Brené Brown


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