Watch the latest episode! You’ll get to meet Camilla (our Irish intern), talk with Robert and David, and learn our take on why researchers should be more into gamification.


Some resources we used for this episode:

And if you want to hear a couple Millennials talking about their passion, check out the full interviews from the guys we talked to about videogames:

  • Robert’s Full Interview: I had a lot of fun talking to Robert. He talked about getting people together with videogames, learning more about yourself as you play, and finding a balance between real-life and gaming
  • David’s Full Interview: This interview got me so pumped to learn more about stories, decisions, and spending your time on developing skills. A great quote I didn’t get on camera: “You’ve gotta work hard to get what you want.”


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Season 2 Episode 2: Videogames and Gamification

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