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Whether it’s bugging a colleague to read over my blog for the hundredth time to tell me if they like my new draft or not, or torturing a boyfriend to tell me I’m beautiful every day, I’ve learned that one of my top love languages is words of affirmation. I like to know that others think I’m intelligent, pretty and that my ideas are worth listening to. When considering why I’m like this I got thinking about how Millennial this is. Millennials are constantly looking for validation. An article featured in Quirks.com gives great insights into what drives Millennials, and validation was one of these stellar insights. Their study showed that Millennials “want to stand out and be admired. When people listen to them and show appreciation for their contributions, they feel respected and like they matter. Millennials want to feel extraordinary in everything that they live, love and do.”

Just the other day I changed my profile picture on Facebook to one of my first selfies in Colorado. Within a short time I got over a 130 likes. This may not seem like a lot to some but for approximately five minutes I walked around feeling like I must have a pretty face, I felt validated by this response and it was enough to start my day off on the right foot. How then as researchers can we affirm Millennials, and what benefits can we hope to see aside from building up their egos?

We can show sincere words of affirmation to help them feel important and show that they are truly appreciated. When conducting any kind of research that involves participants, there are always different levels of engagement. Millennials can be especially hard to connect with due to so many things pulling their attention in different directions. Knowing how to successfully validate Millennials will help them open up, increase their level of participation and contribute meaningful insights that will result in great research results.

During our discussion groups we thank people for their contributions and highlight particularly poignant points to reaffirm our appreciation of them. These small tokens of appreciation are picked up on; it engages participants and is a simple way to show that their opinion matters. Well thought out responses are a frequent result that benefit our research efforts. Participants leave discussions happy and willing to return to help with further projects.

Go ahead and give it a go: reaffirming your Millennials will make for happy participants and quality insights your customers will love. You never know, you might even hear more words of affirmation for yourself!

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